Design Build

Our company motto is “if you dream it, we can build it”, and that starts at the conceptual phase of a project. Heavy Metal works closely with our customers and design engineers from the onset of a project to be your one source to efficiently create and construct the structure of your dreams.

Using our knowledge of the industry, we work with all stakeholders to ensure they are getting the most practical design for their needs. By involving us from the onset, we can provide knowledgeable input with regards to constructability and improved product performance ensure all stakeholders get the best value for their money.

Our construction management team has extensive design-build experience, ranging from major terminal constructions to new bridge crossings. The success of these projects has proven our strong working relationships with engineers and suppliers, building the foundation towards efficient constructability and the improved performance of the deliverable. By diligently managing resources and working closely with the design engineers from the onset of a project, our qualified construction management team ensures we see the project through to a successful completion.

Some of our design-build services include:
  • Project design (new installation and rehabilitation), including port and barge terminals, ramps, docks, marinas, and bridge crossings
  • Design-build falsework for marine systems
  • Temporary access, including work platforms and detour bridges
  • Shoring and cofferdam systems
  • Lift plans, including marine vessel salvage, bridge launches and steel pile installations
  • Steel fabrication
  • Value-added engineering